January 23, 2007


Just following my son's direction...

1. Go to Wikipedia
2. In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year).
3. List three events that happened on your birthday.
4. List two important birthdays and one interesting death.
5. List any holidays
6. Post it.

Three Events:

October 25, 1415 - The army of Henry V of England defeats the French at the Battle of Agincourt.

October 25, 1760 - George III becomes King of Great Britain

October 25, 2001 - Windows XP is officially released.

Four Births, One Death

1881 - Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter and sculptor (d. 1973)

1928 - Marion Ross, American actress

1941 - Helen Reddy

1944 - Jon Anderson, English singer (Yes)

OK. Shoot me. I included Marian Ross because I like her, Helen Reddy because she wrote "I AM WOMAN", and Jon Anderson because he is a friend and I like him.

1400 Author Geoffrey Chaucer died in London.


Saints Crispin and Crispian Day


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