November 30, 2004


It was 36 degrees here Monday!
That is COLD for Southern California!
I still consider it Monday,
because I haven't yet gone to bed.

It is suppose to warm up tomorrow to 39 degrees.
Tomorrow, I have to go out.
I don't have clothes or shoes for this kind of weather.

It's almost 2:00 AM.
And, it is cold now.
I can hear the wind howling.

Good news though.
When I bought the new blanket for our bed on Saturday,
I also bought some flannel sheets.
Never had them before,
but lately I've been VERY cold at night.

Even with 3 blankets and a spread.
And me with socks on.

Well, our blankets were very thin.
I put the new bedding on the bed this morning.
I'll let you know how they work.


On my hand.
On my neck and on my back.
Feels like mosquitoes.
Hate insect bites.
I don't react like normal people.
I am allergic to mosquito bites.
Flea bites too.

Thank Goodness for the miracle a friend gave me in Hawaii this August when mosquitoes attacked. I cower in fear when I see a mosquito.

Talk about a princess. That's me.

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