November 28, 2004


Some things caught my eye in yesterday's newspaper.
On the front page there is a small section that highlights other articles with a teaser headline...

Headline: A Jewel of a Crown (B1)
"The 2005 rose Queen will wear diamonds instead of rhinestones."
Bringing Serious Bling to Colorado Boulevard

Looking now at Section B, Page 1, I see that "Jeweler Mikimoto, which claims the Japanese royal family on its crown resume, took on the challenge of designing a crown that will be seen across the globe by more than 350 million people. It may be only 15 seconds of TV fame. But it's enough of a publicity pop for Mikimoto to spend $370,000 on the crown and six matching tiaras for the princesses."

Continuing on to Section B, page B3, a new headline grabs my attention.
"Outsourcing" of Homeless Stirs Intercity Debate

"A dispute erupts after Santa Clarita hires a group to shuttle people to L.A. instead of opening a winter shelter."

Santa Clarita is one of the little cities in LA County that has grown as a result of a desire to escape the problems we face here. Once more affordable, now building in real estate value.

Remembering something I read a few days ago on November 24th�.

King/Drew's Trauma Unit Ordered Shut

"Despite impassioned protests, Los Angeles County Supervisors voted Tuesday to close the trauma center at Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center, saying the unit had to be sacrificed as part of a larger strategy to save the troubled hospital."

The La County Supervisors.... Now that is another story.

Meanwhile, we are doing well with our holiday shopping season. It is getting off to a good start:

"Tidings of Comfort and Joy for Retailers"
Is it any wonder that it is increasingly hard to read the newspaper?
This practice may actually make us consider the strangeness of our values. No wonder I have been avoiding it!

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