November 13, 2004


Oh, the wonderful Spam Comments I get!
Someone wants to give me money.
Another wants to cure my hair loss.
Of course, there have been those who think I might be interested in enlarging a piece of my anatomy that is clearly missing. And, even more unsavory things that embarrass a woman of my generation.

But once in a while, something really neat happens.
Through the efforts of a Google-Bomber, I met a new friend and learned something else. Two days ago, I had no idea what this word even meant. Today, this gracious soul took the time to answer my questions. I sent her an e-mail of thanks, and forgive me, I asked for more.

If she doesn't answer, I would understand. After all, I am only one of the many people who have contacted Elizabeth as a result of our attempts to satisfy our curiosity. So far it hasn't killed this cat!

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