November 13, 2004

Google Bombing???

You know what I said recently about never knowing what you might find around the next corner?

I kept wondering about a random comment, that I didn't understand, made by somebody I didn't know. So I went exploring and I linked to the weblog and, I found this:

While wandering around this new territory, I found this insightful comment about the art of the apology.

But, I am still wondering what her comment meant. And, why she said what she said. This led me to try to figure out what exactly she was talking about when she mentioned Google Bombing.

While exploring further, I learned that this blogger got the same comment as me and checked it out too.

So, I followed the above blogger's prompts to the crossroads and turned down the path to the left to find this.

Of course, some of you sophisticated people understand all of this already, but there are a few of us who remain clueless about how things work. And some of us wonder....

Thank you for the entertainment. Gave me a rest from my heavy thoughts.

But, still I don't know how her comment got there, or if she even meant to write.

Someday, some kind soul will explain it to me. At least I hope so. Then I won't wonder about this anymore.


Well, now I'm back to tending the fire and making sure no sparks ignite any innocent victim who might be standing too close. Aarg.

Posted by Judi at November 13, 2004 12:54 AM | TrackBack

H, Judi.

I wasn't actually the one who left the comment. Someone who apparently doesn't much care for my blog is using automated software to send comments with my URL and some unflattering text to hundreds of blogs.

The goal is twofold. First, to have a search on the unflattering terms result in my name coming up high on Google (that's the "google bomb" aspect), and second, to trick people into blacklisting me (or, more specifically, my URL) from their blogs.

Posted by: Liz at November 13, 2004 5:26 AM
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