September 14, 2004


Last night this Mom got angry. Angry at all the pundits, commentators and politicos who profess to admire Kerry ... and who want to get rid of Bush ... but never-the-less, spend much of their time on air complaining and whining about how John Kerry isn't making his case strongly enough. They are ragging on the candidate because he hasn't turned into an attack dog like Dick Cheney.

This infuriates me. It seems to me that these people are more concerned with the ability to say "See, I told you!" if George Bush is reelected, instead of using their voices to stand behind the man they think will make a better president.

John Kerry is a strong leader and a good and honorable man!

I am glad that he is unwilling to remake himself to please these whining commentators. Good for him. We don't need another deceptive demogogue in the White House!

A lot of people are mad at Bush. Many have turned their anger into action in an effort to unseat this terrible president. But, some spend their time and energy whining and complaining that John Kerry isn't running his campaign like a street fighter.

We get nearly all our news from a right wing controlled media. Most of this media is concerned only with creating more scandal to lure more viewers to make more profit for their shareholders.

Very few of us are hearing or reading Kerry's speeches. The huge crowds meeting Kerry and the protests against George Bush are barely being shown. You really have to search for fair and balanced coverage these days.

Sex and scandal sells. But, apparently real news does not. How come we hear nothing about the thousands of Americans wounded in this war? Where is the news of all the shattered lives due to decisions made by Mr. Bush?

Are you concerned about the dismantling of our constitution that the people in office swore to defend?

Apparently the fact that this privileged president (who, by the way, deceives the citizenry daily by portraying himself as just a country boy who brought himself up by his bootstraps ... instead of the child of oil rich parents (and a former president) doesn't concern our media.

Don't believe the polls.
Statistics can be manipulated.
Don't become discouraged.
Remember the old saying,
"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

If you want to make Mr. Bush a one term president, then I suggest you do something other than portray our candidate as weak. Does it gain you or the country anything by doing that? Stop ragging on the Kerry campaign, and get busy. Or shut up!

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