September 9, 2004

Another of my long winded "this is what I did today" posts.

If you don't like it ... that's too bad!
This is MY BLOG!
You don't have to read it!


It's been a wonderful day!
A day doing something I loved.

If you can believe it...
I was cleaning house.
Not mine.

Vacuming and dusting ...
washing windows ...
cleaning bathrooms.
It was fun.

There were lots of us getting ready
for a celebration and a good-bye.
to a very good man.

Saturday is set aside to honor his life.
We already do.


Tonight Pete and I attended a candlelight vigil
to honor the more than 1000 Americans troops....

This was just one of the many similar vigils in the South Bay, and around the country organized by the people at MoveOn.

It was a big group.
I brought extra candles.
People saw us, parked their cars, and joined us.
I ran out of candles.
Drivers honked their horns and waved in solidarity.

...Met lots of nice people.
People who just wanted to do something .
I invited several to a John Kerry for President
volunteer orientation meeting.
Many said yes and gave me their cards.
We exchanged names and phone numbers.
This is encouraging.

Before heading home,
we stopped at the Old Town Torrance Foster's Freeze.
I got a LARGE Vanilla cone dipped in CHOCOLATE!

Mike sent me a picture.
What more can I ask?
Well, if YOU are taking requests...
I'll ask for world peace.


Oh, and to the guys from Mike's work
who called today to ask
what I thought about the upcoming expiration
of the assault weapons ban....

This is what I think.
It's a damn shame!
Act Now!
Don't let the ban expire!

Yes, I know I just said damn!
Even moms sometimes swear.


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