June 17, 2004


Raising Helen

Predictable, engaging and enjoyable, but easily forgettable movie.

Like her mother ... everyone's favorite ditsy blond, Kate Hudson is fun to watch. I don't follow Hollywood news, but learned about the familial relationship of these two talented actresses today. Once this little fact was known, it seemed obvious.

Other News

I've missed Pete's call three days in a row. The first time I could hear him but he couldn't hear me. He hung up. The phone connections can be difficult. The last two times he called I was not home. He left messages, however, and sounds well and happy.

This is what I think I heard.... After finally securing the release of goods which had been held in customs, our group was moving up North to visit villages and bring the donations to those for whom they had been intended. At least that is plan. I will let you know what I learn. Pete seems to be doing great. He is in good hands.


Heidi's back. She writes about airplane etiquette. I guess she didn't recognize me on board. I was the woman with the floral print luggage looking to chat. :-)

I linked to the weblog of her friend, Ariel, and found this neat post about blogging.


The dust is getting thick here. And, little has moved in the garage as I had intended. Pete's car is still in the street and looks so dirty that our neighbor across the street told me today that it should be washed.

I misunderstood him, and thought that he was volunteering to do the job. Poor guy. Now, I think he was simply warning me that the dirty car was sending a message that we were not at home. I doubt that I will get to this task tomorrow. We'll see if this good man shows up at my door this weekend. Well, tomorrow is another day. Good night.

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Hi, first time surfing a blog and wanted to say hello

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