June 17, 2004


Yesterday, I did something I have never done before. Unable to find someone to go with me, I went to the movies by all by myself. For those of you independent folks out there, this might not seem like such a big thing. But for me it was A VERY BIG DEAL.

Funny, how EMPOWERED one can feel by making a small change, by tossing one little self imposed rule, and enduring the momentary discomfort. It doesnít take much. Iím so proud of Me!

Now to the RaveÖ

Momís Review of SAVED.
I loved this movie!
Listen to Mom and See SAVED Now!

This film is a jewel. A sweet tale of the triumph of kindness over rules. ÖThe difference between acting out of love rather than fear. This simple tale emphasizes the true message brought by every Perfect Master Öbefore the message has been distorted by our human tendency to set up laws which only separate us.

This movie is about LOVE. The love we were intended to practice each day and in every circumstance. Saved is a feel good movie. And, I felt good when I left.

Now get thee out to the theater watch Saved. You will be glad you did.


All I will say is that SBC messed up again and I wasted more than four hours trying to get the new problem solved. I was routed to people in the Philippines, India and G-d knows where else, who politely read from a script but were unable to do anything to help. I finally demanded to talk to someone in California. It was only then that the problem was solved

I do not begrudge any people anywhere their jobs. But there is something very wrong here. And if you donít feel it now, you will. Itís time to reign in the conglomerates if we have any power left to do so.

If your phone service is provided by SBC, this awful conglomerate that bought out the well run Pacific Bell, link here and let them know what you think about outsourcing jobs that need to be done right here. But let me warn you, it is not the easiest site to navigate.

Letís start bringing our jobs back home by making a change at the top. FIRE BUSH!

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Kyle refuses to go to the movies by himself, I don't think it's a big deal, hey, it's dark - who's gonna see you? But I don't like going to the movies anymore anyway, I prefer to order my movies on netflix and slouch on the couch.

Posted by: justjenn at June 18, 2004 1:01 PM
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