April 25, 2004


Heidi always has something interesting to say.
And, she always says it economically with just a few words.
I wish I could do that!

See what she has to say
about the feelings generated by seeing the movie
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.
This is Pete's pick for our next movie.
I guess I'd better bring lots of kleenex.
I'll let you know what we think.

Michele recently told us in The Horror and the Irony that they turned off the TV. She has been telling me that she wants to continue, at least in part, to keep the TV off.
Even though Turn Off The TV Week is over.
More power to her.
Not easy these days.

Mister P ran! No, another Mister P. He just has a good strong name. He's a pretty neat guy too.

My Michael tells us about buying a CD after hearing a clip of it by linking to Boing Boing. I checked out this neat site and found the Lady Ready Chair. This made me laugh.

That's all. Time to watch some mindless TV. Of course, I always think there is something good in this stuff.

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