April 25, 2004


(A sure way to stop the tears.)

One crying child
One small glass jar with a tight lid.

1. When encountering crying child, first make sure he or she is all right.
2. Apply healing kisses.
3. If this does not make it all better, grab a jar.
4. Place the jar just below the child's eye.
5. Attempt to catch 10 tears.
6. Once you have collected exactly 10 tears, tightly close the lid.
7. Put in a safe place and wait until the tears form into a diamond.

Rules: Strict compliance necessary for favorable results.
1. All ten tears must be naturally occurring.
2. All ten tears must come from the same occasion.
....Tears may not be accumulated over time.
3. Tears may not be brought about deliberately for the purpose of making a diamond. No use of any method or irritant to deliberately generate tears allowed.
4. No Acting to produce tears allowed.


Catching Tears

Today we spent the early part of the day packing boxes for shipment to Ghana. The boxes were filled with donations collected by members of our Spiritual Family and generously given by many kind people. Everything packed is checked, sorted and counted. The donated goods are then boxed by type, and the excess air suctioned out. The boxes are then sealed and labeled by content.

This is the last time we will get together for this purpose until after the summer trips are taken. At least, that's the plan. About 100 more boxes were packed today.

It's always fun to do anything with these wonderful people. There is always much food and laughter. I especially enjoy seeing the children do their part.

Today after the last box was packed and the floors had been cleared of clutter, a few of us were doing some last minute clean-up in order to return the home to a state of normalcy.

Three little girls started playing in the now empty family room, with two exercise balls belonging to the owner of the home. All of a sudden, one of the girls started crying. No other adults seemed to be around.

I went over to the child. I am a Mom after all. The little one told me that her sister had bonked her in the head with a ball. Her sister's apologies were not enough to bring an end to the tears. I gave the child several quick Grandma style kisses on the sore noggin, but they didn't seem to help. Then I remembered the Tear Jar.

I told the little girl that I would be right back. I couldn't find a jar, but grabbed a plastic cup and held it up to one of her eyes. I asked her to try to get 10 tears into the cup. If she could, we would find a jar and put them it. She and her sister were intrigued.

I explained the theory and enlightened them to the rules. Answered their ingenious questions. "No. Tupperware or other containers will not work!" The tears must be sealed in a glass jar.

Unfortunately, she was unable to get out even one more tear to drop into the glass. Never fails.

I have attempted to make a diamond this way many times. In all the years, neither my boys nor the granddaughters or any other child could sustain the flow of this precious liquid long enough. Not through lack of trying.

Posted by Judi at April 25, 2004 5:42 PM | TrackBack

Not to diminish the sweetness of the diamond-tear theory, but you could make a FORTUNE selling child-safe tear jars with the rules printed on the back. If you can't exploit crying children, then what has this world come to? (seriously, very cool idea. Makes me want to have kids of my own to try it out.)

Posted by: Mister P. at April 26, 2004 3:12 PM

Child safe jars? There's a thought. Maybe shatter proof glass! I'm sure someone has or will sell them.

I've just been getting some jars together to give away this weekend. ...The men in my life think my glass jar fetish is crazy!

I just had a thought. Being that manufacturers keep converting to plastic containers for everything, I could make a FORTUNE on my jar collection alone.

Posted by: Mom at April 26, 2004 7:03 PM

Just wanted to see how things have worked out for you with this theory . I'm a glass blower & would love to colaberate with you , Chad

Posted by: Chad at June 29, 2009 10:53 AM

Just wanted to see how things have worked out for you with this theory . I'm a glass blower & would love to colaberate with you , Chad

Posted by: Chad at June 29, 2009 10:53 AM
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