March 12, 2004


Today I received a package in the mail from Mike.
This evening I opened it.
It contained a CD.
There was no note.

The label reads:
Feng Shui & Bottled Water
Second Hand Smoke & Baby Stuff.

I donít know what this is.
ÖHavenít yet had a chance to listen.
We went out.

Tomorrow I will,
but Iím not sure that listening
will make me any more enlightened.

Is this an example of Punk Rock?
I thought I had that discussion with someone else.
I will have to review old correspondence.

It is a relief to hear that most of my contemporaries
are forgetting things too.
One Spiritual Brother said he believed that this was a blessing.
Iím going to go with that.
Sure better than being worried about it.

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