March 12, 2004


I still use my AOL e-mail address which I have kept since Mike first got us a modem and set us up online. I have kept it over the years because it just seems simpler, and is still very user friendly. Also, I can always talk to someone at any time of day if I have a problem.

But, I am getting increasingly annoyed about the news they highlight.
It pops us as soon as you sign on.

When is everyone going to get off Clinton’s back?
I hate the Clinton bashing.

I think there is, and has been,
a Right Wing conspiracy to keep us defocused
on what is really going on.
You can call me a nut if you want to,
but we see it all the time.

A friend wrote me today to let me know
that her pilot son is now in Iraq.
After an active tour of duty,
this fine young man remained in the Marine Reserves.

Because of his many talents and experience,
he was called up earlier this year.
More and more of our young men are being sent into this danger.
And, what are talking about?
Janet Jackson and how much Bill Clinton makes giving speaches.

Come on now people.


Pete just noticed my last post.
He said I portrayed him as giving abrupt answers.
I asked if he remembers it differently.
He said “no”, and reassured me that he wasn’t mad.
So, I am sorry if I have described him in words that have made him look like a bad guy.
He's not.
Pete is one of the good guys.
It’s just that he is a guy!

By the way, he continues to heal well. I think at time he overdoes a little and that causes some other problems. But, it is hard to keep a good man down!

Posted by Judi at March 12, 2004 6:29 PM | TrackBack

i think it is a fact.
the FCC, situation et al.
a little misdirection...
kerry was right... they are a bunch of crooks.

Posted by: Martin at March 12, 2004 6:47 PM
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