May 30, 2003

She Sits

There she sits. Calm. Peaceful. At Rest. She is slim, dark haired, simply dressed. Her tresses long, with bangs resting on her forehead. Her robe is simple. Gown and hair like images of styles seen on Egyptian women of the past. She sits on a grey stone bench with armrests. The woman's arms rest comfortably on the speckled granite, hands open to the Universe, in a meditative state. Her breath, slow and deep. Her body, still. She is at peace.

Trees and plants grow all about this bench. A bubbling stream runs just in front. The splashing sounds of water, tripping over rocks, mingle with the song of birds. Above, the blue sky shows itself between the green of the tall trees. It is warm. This shady spot is blessed with a soft breeze.

Light is everywhere, constantly flowing. The Light flows through her. Fills her. It enters her body and radiates out, never leaving her empty.

I have seen this image often, and have longed for the gift of art to draw it, to paint it, but do not possess the talent. The words I use do not adequately describe what I see. But this is all I have.

One part of my soul knows that I am this woman. My idealized SELF. This is not apparent to those who meet me, or to all but One who know me. But someday, on some plane, in another life, I will sit. Calm. Still. Peaceful. At rest, One with the Universe.

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