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please keep trying so hard to get kerry elected! i am so nervous that bush may win which i cannot understand why...i mean...he is a lying, lying murderer and dumb as a sack of rocks..he has brought our country down so low. i am in a support group for abused, battered women and he is a very neglectful of women, i am a college student and our classes are crowded and job future dim and i am a united methodist and he embarrasses me by his so called religious beliefs. i wish i could help make sure kerry wins but the only person i know who entertains the idea of voting for bush is my mother and she is an 80 year old white woman of very, very comfortable means...what about the rest of us?so thank you for your efforts and please don't give up! HELP IS ON THE WAY

Posted by mary at October 2, 2004 6:43 PM
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