I have heard metrologist have mentioned that the highest temperature ever measured in the world were measured at Ehel in iran at august 1933.
The temperatur was 172,3 fahrenheit or 77,9 centigrades.

The coldes was -216,4 fahrenheit or - 138,0 centigrades in august 2001 & august 1969.

The offisial us records are

max temperature: 153,9 fahrenheit Arivaca in arizona in july 1934.

The lowest was - 158,3 fahrenheit or -105,7 centigrades in Uminat , Alaska in february 1982

another record is -121,3 fahrenheit or -85,3 centigrades in Colorado at the village of Hamilton ner the ice peak, in december 1978 6 january 1985.

Posted by Harald at July 16, 2006 8:39 PM
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