Comments: One Woman's Rant

I pretty much agree with everything; those Clinton-bashing hypocrites get on my nerves too. But there is something - I'm not sure what the word is - reassuring? comforting? about the fact that this rant was delayed by housecleaning. In spite of everything that is wrong with our government today, housework is still a priorty for us. There are many places in the world where that isn't true. We still got it pretty good here.

Posted by Mister P. at February 6, 2004 4:51 PM

You are right absolutely Mister P!

I thank God for being born in the United States. Blessing on my grandparents for enduring so much to get here.

But remember, AMERICA is an idea. It is this idea that draws the multitudes. The opportunity for economic, social and spiritual freedom has been unusual and wonderful.

We must be vigilant, however, to keep this idea alive. We must pay attention before this idea becomes just another legend like that of Camelot.

Posted by Mom at February 7, 2004 2:16 AM
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