April 14, 2014


Look up and see the sky in it's miraculous wonder.
Look down and see the beauty in the stone,
the blades of grass; the patterns on the road.

Look at each face you pass
and see the spirit within.
Touch a tree, feel it's life.

There is magic here
within the vibrations of all that exists.
Nothing is truly lifeless.

In the dark, there is light.
And within the hot blinding light,
there are calm restful places.
In the turmoil, there is growth.

Our hearts, our hearts,
beat with the ancient rhythm of the Universe.
The primordial sound of the beginning
can be heard if we listen.

The ancient prayers,
The Sacred Words.
They are all here within our reach.

There is no secret that is not kept within us.
There is no hidden knowledge that we are unable to find.
We are made of the stuff of stars.
We actually are created out of God Stuff.

We are not little.
We are not weak.
We are Grand!
We just have to remember Who We Are.

Love, kindness, and compassion,
strength, courage, discipline, and energy,
resilience, peace, creativity and joy.

All of these things live within each and every one of us.

Life is filled with wonder.

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