July 6, 2011

Google's New Design. Ugh!

I love Google but I Hate the New Design!

...This mom just spent the last hour trying to find a way to contact google.com to give them some feedback about the new design. No luck. I don't know if I'm just clueless, and the contact was available and right in front of me, but I sure couldn't see it or find it. So if you know how to send them an e-mail, please let me know in my comment section.

What's wrong with the new design:
1. The black banner at the top: It is hard to see with the elderly eye.
The white script on black isn't easy to see.
2. The design doesn't look as clean as it used to look. Is it busier?
3. Simple is good. Busy is bad. The new look is busy and tiring.

Please Google, Go back to your lovely simple design!
And please - make it easy for people to at least post feedback to the company.
How about a comment section somewhere?

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