April 15, 2009


The word TAX is not a dirty word.

If you have a job and have sufficient funds to pay your bills,
be grateful.

If you have a roof over your head
enough food and clean water sufficient for your needs,
be grateful.

If you have working sewers and regular waste removal,
be grateful.

If your city has enough fire fighters, police
and other first responders for usual needs,
be grateful.

If you or your child attended a public school
and received a decent education,
be grateful.

If your child or grandchild is attending a public school now,
and is receiving a decent education,
be grateful.

If you are eligible for Medicare and/or Social Security benefits,
be grateful.

If you use your post office and appreciate regular mail delivery,
be grateful.

If you enjoy and use our parks and national forests,
be grateful.

If you have ever dialed 911 in an emergency,
and someone came to help,
pay your taxes.

If you want good roads and highways,
pay your taxes.

If you want functioning local libraries,
pay your taxes.

If you ever worked in aerospace or in any industry,
that, at least in part, directly or indirectly,
was funded by tax money,
pay your taxes.

If you use any public services,
pay your taxes.

It's not that I don't remember the big gulp I made when I first saw how much money was taken out of my first meager paychecks for taxes. It's just that when I thought a bit about it then, I didn't know of any public service I was willing to give up.

My advice if you want to be happier:
Change your attitude about taxes.
You might find that, you too, will find yourself being grateful
to be able to pay taxes.

And you might begin to agree with the people quoted below:

"I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society."
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

"The expenses of government, having for their object the interest of all, should be borne by everyone, and the more a man enjoys the advantages of society, the more he ought to hold himself honored in contributing to those expenses."
~Anne Robert Jacques Turgot

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