December 22, 2007

It's The Winter Solstice

He said; "Look at the Moon!" I had just noticed the gorgeous tableau painted before us.

The big white moon hung low in the clear blue sky. We stopped still for a few short moments to simply look up and to admire the utter beauty that had been laid out for all to see.

Pink fluffy clouds told us that it was just before sunset. For a minute span in time we put aside the mental to-do lists and directed our attention away from the frenetic preparation that had filled the last several days.

How perfectly perfect. How amazingly wonderful. We both took a breath before we re-entered the world.


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December 20, 2007


Today a package was delivered to our house.
Inside the box was something called Squawkers McCaw.

I don't know what turned the damned thing on, but this 'plaything' gives off the most God-Awful noise on its own. All someone has to do is go near the box, or turn off the light in the room that it is occupying.

Now, this Mom usually finds most toy sounds somewhat amusing, but this one made me want to take it out to the street and run it over several times till it was dead.

Instead, I took it upstairs to my husband to see if he could figure out how to turn it off. How to do this was not readily apparent, and it was late ... so Pete suggested that I take it outside and put it in the garage. it is now safely locked inside his car.

Now I understand this is programmable toy ... and maybe the offending sounds can be programed out, but I think that this invention could give an unsuspecting child nightmares. Sure the hell made me jump out of my skin.

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December 18, 2007

All and all it was a very good day...

except that my wallet was stolen.

I discovered it was missing when I opened my purse to pay for the groceries I had just bought. I was able to call Pete and he came down to rescue me. After doing a thorough search of my car and our house, calling the doctor’s office I’d been to, we made the necessary calls to cancel the credit cards, debit card and checkbook. We notified those people who we had paid the day before to alert them of the possibility of a problem.

Two hours later we received a call that my wallet had been found, minus the cash, but intact with credit cards and checkbook.

I guess there has been a rash of these thefts at the market. Nevertheless, I consider myself lucky even though my long list of things to accomplish has been made considerably longer. Tomorrow or Thursday I need to go down to the Torrance Police Department to make crime report as an extra protection to prevent identity theft.

Still, I am lucky. I am happy and well. We have just been exceedingly busy. Not much time to blog with all that has been going on here. Everything is good stuff. Happy stuff! I am grateful. Mom is happy. :-)

Somehow the gifts will be wrapped, the house put back together, the food will be cooked and we will be ready to welcome our loved ones here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. If things aren't perfect, people will understand. Everything is OK.

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December 1, 2007

If The Elections Were Held Tomorrow...

Mom would still choose Joe Biden.

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