April 25, 2006


What the heck is Activex?
And why do I need it?
As soon as I learn how to do something, everything changes.


And why is it that I changed
the hell to heck
and the damn to darn?

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April 11, 2006

Oops. We missed it!

Did you know that last week was Video Blogging Week?
Listen to Josh Leo's song.

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April 2, 2006


In the midst of a gathering, she stood.
Calm. Comfortable.
Relaxed in her own skin.
Apart and together. Here.

She has walked with Giants
and has sat at the feet of
Enlightened Souls ...
the recipient of great love,
and unbelievable gifts.

Nevertheless, there were times
when she entered the depths of hell,
where she dwelled in deep shadows
which made her forget the sun.

But today she feels the touch of Spirit
and the soothing calm of Peace,
aware that in the Light,
there is Darkness.
Always the pairs of opposites at play.

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