February 27, 2005

Eeks. Not again.

Hiedi hurt herself again.
At least she can laugh about it.
But who wouldn't if they recieved a get well card like this.
Get better soon, girl.

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Aarg... I miss Pacific Bell and AT&T

Our DSL is down. Again!
The modem connection very slow. Thanks SBC!
And regulation is bad because???

Pete is changing to Speakeasy.
I'd never heard of this company before.
My first thought was that Speakeasy must be a shady operation.
Why else would they choose that name?

I guess knowing what this word means dates me.
Doesn't anyone but me remember and watch old movies?

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February 22, 2005


At Little Company of Mary Emergency Room, there are the room-dwellers and the wall-dwellers. Pete and I were among the wall-dwellers.

Let me explain. Last night Pete started feeling some intense pain in his gut. Of course, he didn't tell his wife. When I noticed he was awake unusually late and did not seem like himself, I asked if he was feeling OK. Pete answered irritably, in the manner he usually does when I dare to ask such questions. "I am fine!" Why is it that some people find it so hard to admit that they are not feeling well?

Last night was a noisy night. There was thunder. Heavy rain was pounding our roof. At one point it became so loud that we realized that the rain had turned to hail. A continuous stream of water ran down the street toward the drain. Pete didn't want to talk. This is not unusual. I fell asleep sometime after 1:30 AM. Little did I know that Pete did not.

When I woke early this morning, I looked over at my husband. Pete was sleeping peaceably with almost a smile on his face. I fell back to sleep. I awakened sometime later to hear Pete talking on the phone. It soon became apparent that he was talking to a doctor. I sat up. Pete walked back into the bedroom.

I asked, "What's going on?" It was then that my secretive husband leveled with me and told me about the pain. Dr Takemura, our gastro specialist, had advised him to go to the emergency room for a work-up. It was still pretty early.

I hurriedly got dressed and we were in the car. Pete insisted on driving. At times there is no arguing with that man!

Pete drove up to the Emergency Room entrance, exited the car, and instructed me to find a parking space. He disappeared. I walked around the car to the driver's side, got in, turned the key in the ignition and drove around until I found an empty spot. When I finally made my way to the Emergency Room, Pete had already seen the triage nurse and had signed the necessary papers for admittance.

We waited. Pete paced. He told me it hurt more to sit. He was calm. A bit later, his name was called and we were taken into the ER. A nurse took his temperature and blood pressure. She then instructed Pete to remove his shirt, replace it with a hospital gown, and climb up onto a gurney. Pete complied. The gurney was pushed up to the only empty wall space left. All the exam rooms were full.

A young well dressed man moved from patient to patient, rolling from bed to bed while seated on a wheeled stool, pulling along with him a narrow computer laden table. When he reaches each patient, he introduces himself and starts asking questions. This well dressed young man works for admission. After talking a few minutes with Pete, I was surprised when he started asking me about my work history. I am not the patient. Strange.

A bit later the attending doctor introduced himself and talked with Pete a moment. Tests were ordered. One of the nurses found a chair and brought it over so I could sit. It was placed just behind the gurney, almost blocking the door to the adjacent exam room. Pete was hooked up to an IV.

The atmosphere was calm. The staff was kind. Pete told me that he was feeling better. We waited with the other wall-dwellers for what was next.

Pete was rolled away for his ultrasound. The well dressed young man noticed that I was occasionally looking up at him while I continued to pen these words. He asked me what I was writing. I told him was trying to find the words to describe him.

"Are you writing a book about me?" "No", I said. "I have a blog, and I am actually writing about the 'room-dwellers' and the 'wall-dwellers'. The nicely dressed young man smiled. He told me that it is getting more and more like this lately. It has been incredibly busy since so many of the emergency rooms in the area are shutting down.

Pete and I wait. More and more gurneys are rolled in. The latest is occupied by a very large woman. She is accompanied by four paramedics who are either police or firemen, and two other men who are also in uniform, but look more like ambulance drivers. They wait by her gurney. The latter two attend to the patient. She is soon moved to a hospital gurney with the help of the men I now see are LA Firefighters.

The woman's face is contorted by pain. I say my mantra for her. A nurse gives her oxygen. The firemen depart. I say more mantras for her. This woman is moved to a now available room. The well-dressed young man rolls into her room with his portable admissions station. He starts asking questions, typing silently as his questions are answered. I was surprised to hear her birth year. She is younger than me.

It is still crowded in the ER. Pete was given blood and urine tests. I watch as portable X-ray machines are taken from room to room. There are now only three groups of wall-dwellers left. Pete tells me that the pain has gone away. I'm glad. He doses on and off.

Pete is taken away for an ultra sound. I wait. After a bit he is back. We wait. A few words were exchanged between me and a few of the other wall-dweller's loved ones.

One older woman told me why her husband was here. They were about to leave for a trip in their motor home this morning. They belong to a motor home club that take frequent trips together. She tells me that her husband had collapsed in their kitchen just as he was about to load the last item for their trip.

I look up and see a lovely woman with gray hair sitting in a chair against the wall almost directly across from me. This woman has a nice face. She is wearing a Christmas red turtleneck and a bright red plaid vest. The only spot of cheer and color in the room. Kind of like a bright ornament brought in especially to brighten up the beige colorless sameness of this space. I'm glad she is there.

The woman in red sits alone. The person she accompanied to the hospital had been wheeled away for some sort of scan. We smile at each other. She tells me that she came in with her sister. Just then, the patient is rolled back into the room and her gurney is moved back to her place against the wall. She is warmly greeted by the sister in red.

We wait. The ER Doc is back with Pete's results. The blood and urine tests are normal however the ultrasound shows that Pete has a couple of gallstones. He is told to be careful bout his diet and to limit fried and fatty foods. We are to wait for discharge directions. Pete is still hooked up to the IV.

A new patient arrives and is moved into a room. It is still quiet here. The doctor and the admission's clerk confer. A nurse arrives to unhook Pete from the IV. She takes his blood pressure one more time and gives him his discharge directions.

I tell Pete firmly that I am driving home as I clasp the car keys tightly in my hands. He has no choice to agree.

Pete tells me that when we get home he wants cream of wheat.

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February 21, 2005


"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws."

- Plato (427-347 B.C.)

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February 13, 2005


One can find the most fascinating people on the internet.
What a life this blogger chose.
Check out her beautiful site!



"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."
-Mother Teresa

Good advice to follow.
A kind word might change someone's day.
And, lift them up from a lonely place.
And let them know that they are not truly alone.


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February 12, 2005



The rains stopped for a spell.
My knee and ankle stopped throbbing.
And, I spent a good part of the afternoon outside.
My spirits rose.
It felt good to be alive.

Sometimes all we need is the sun!



Some people go into self doubt rather easy.
I am one of them.
Especially when I've been hurting for a while.
And, I feel rather useless.

At those times, the sting of an unkind word feels like a terrible wound. Oddly, it was the words of a near stranger that affected me this time. Instead of facing the fear, I avoided talking to this person. That was a mistake.

Today, I finally faced my fear and initiated contact.

It was only after doing this that I realized how I had allowed my mind to wallow in drama for a while. I'd made up scenarios that, in hindsight, were ridiculous. I have a very inventive mind.

I wonder why I let myself stay in this state for so long.
I found myself avoiding the stillness.
Or felt unable to achieve it.
My mind seemed to go to dark thoughts.
I ran from my spiritual practice and looked for diversion.

There are times when I feel like I am evolving backwards.
Is there such a word as de-evolving?



A couple of weeks ago, a spiritual brother shared something at Meditation that deserves greater contemplation. And that is ... that we have chosen our separateness. Because we have chosen it, we should enjoy it.

I believe that we are all One.
That in reality, there is no separation.
That being alone is not our natural state.

Maybe we must go through the feeling of separateness to truly appreciate the oneness. Maybe my practice has been lacking for this reason. Or maybe, I have just been lazy!

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February 11, 2005


Can you imagine what would happen if all the bloggers took a break and answered this quiz? It's silly, but fun once in a while. And, it will let my thousands of readers know I am still here. :-)

1. What is your full name? Judith Lois Pusateri

2. What color pants are you wearing?
I'm not wearing pants. It's late and I'm in my night clothes. Obviously this quiz was meant to circulate with men.

3. What are you listening to right now? The sound of rain and a plane flying overhead.

4. What was the last thing you ate? A Banana Twister

5. Do you wish on stars? No, I just gaze at them.

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? RED

7. How is the weather right now? Rainy. I just checked AOL Weather and they say it is now 59 degrees Fahrenheit here.

8. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Michael

9. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Copied it from Martin's blog. I like Martin.

10. How old are you today? 64

11. Favorite drink? COFFEE!

12. Favorite sports? Track and Field

13. Hair color? Wow. Who would have thought that would be a complicated question?

14. Do you wear contacts? Yes

15. Siblings? David

16. Favorite month? Another hard question. I like them all.

17. Favorite food? Italian, Indian, Greek, Where do I stop?

18. What was the last movie you watched? The Princess Diaries 2. That is what I watched on TV last night. Now I know why it went directly to video. It was made for the 5 to 10 year old crowd.

19. Favorite day of the year? Why do you keep asking so many hard questions?

20. What do you do to vent anger? Mostly I write and cry.

21. What was your favorite toy as a child? Pogo Stick.

22. Summer or winter? I guess Summer. There's more sun.

23. Hugs or kisses? Hugs

24. Chocolate or Vanilla? CHOCOLATE!!!

25. Do you want your friends to email you back? Yes

26. Who is most likely to respond? Anita

27. Who is least likely to respond? Michele.

28. Living arrangements? Home with husband.

29. When was the last time you cried? I'm sure I must have cried since, but the last time I remember was when Kerry lost the election. I cried for a very long time.

30. What is under your bed? A folding card table and an emergency battery powered light.

31. Who is the friend you have had the longest? Anita

32. What did you do last night? Watched TV.

33. Favorite smell? Eucalyptus Trees.

34. What inspires you? People who stand up to hatred.

35. What are you afraid of? I like Martin's answer. I'll go with Fear.

36. Plain, buttered or salted popcorn? Movie Popcorn. Unbuttered.

37. Favorite car? I loved my old Volvo. Now I like any car that has a comfortable seat.

38. Favorite Flower? Hard to say. But what comes to mind are home grown carnations. I love the scent. But only home grown.

39. Number of keys on your key ring? I think there is 3 or 4. I don't remember.

40. How many years at your current job? Job?

41. Favorite day of the week? Monday?

42. What did you do on your last birthday? I danced!

43. How many states have you lived in? Two.

44. Have many cities have you lived in? Seven. But four of them were just different parts of the City of LA.

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February 3, 2005


But, better late than never....

The following was sent by a friend who shares my political views. Well, at least most of them.

Today is Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address. As Air America Radio pointed out, "It is an ironic juxtaposition: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication and the other involves a groundhog."

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February 2, 2005


Let's hope he doesn't see hiis shadow.


I think the winter is getting to me.

The other night I was surfing the web.
And, as usual, took a look at what OrangeGuru had posted.

He highlighted some photos from Akira Kurosawa's movie, "Throne of Blood".

Since Pete is a big fan of all Kurosawa's films, I thought maybe there was a new one out there that I could buy for him as a gift. What do I know?

I know this director's name, and have seen some of his films as a result of living in the same house as my husband. But really, what do I know?

I asked Pete if he had this movie his collection.
He said "No.".

It is difficult to find a present for Pete. So, I am always keeping my ears open for hints as to what might be a welcome gift.

In my enthusiasm, I posted a comment on Dieter's site asking if this was a new film or a redo.

The next night, Throne of Blood was aired on HBO. I recognized the story, but was certain I had never viewed this particular film before.

We watched part it. It looked like an old film. The lead actor, Toshiro Mifune, looked like he hadn't aged in all these years.

We hit the info button on the TIVO and saw that the film was made in 1957. Then I realized that what I recognized was Shakespeare's MacBeth.

Doing w bit of research, I learned that
Akira Kurosawa
died in 1998. Toshiro Mifume died the year before.

I was hoping Dieter would delete my stupid comment.
Everyone doesn't have to know how clueless I am.
But instead, he simply answered my question kindly.

Well, we learn by our mistakes.
I guess it isn't so bad to ask stupid questions.


Well, Happy Groundhog's Day!

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