August 28, 2012

If things weren't bad enough, a few minutes ago, the toilet in my hotel room bathroom broke and wouldn't flush. So after 1:30 AM, I had to call the front desk to report it. To their credit, within moments an "engineer" was up here and fixed the broken chain.

If I were at home, I would simply have used a different bathroom and would have worried about the problem in the morning. Just one more reminder of how much abundance I've been used to having. Even in difficult times, there is always something to feel grateful for. Actually, when you think of it there is so very much to appreciate.

Today I had more than enough to eat. Though this certainly isn't home, I am blessed with shelter. This evening, I sat on a comfortable bench under a beautiful sky and a very large moon, and talked with a very dear friend in another city on my mobile phone, which didn't run out of power.

I later found something I'd lost while carrying up my bags. I went back out to the place I had been sitting (with the flashlight I'd remember to pack) and found the lost item on the very bench where I'd been sitting. After writing this post, I shall lie down on a very comfortabe bed. I have drinkable water by my bedside.

How many people in the world don't even enjoy the basic necessities of life? There are people who go to bed hungry every night, and those who don't even expect shelter. There are those who have no access to safe clean water. ...There are those in the world who have little or no access to any transportation except by the power of their own feet. People around the world who are enslaved, imprisoned, in constant pain or completely unable to move.

Taken into proper perspective, my 'problems' seem small in comparison. And so, before I shut my eyes, I wanted to add to my "Gratefulness List".

God bless you all. May each and every one of you have all your basic needs met. May you always find much for which to be grateful. And for myself, may I always recognize the many blessings in my life, and always remember to look for the gifts that come with both the good and the bad. May I always remember that every experience that comes my way is an opportunity for spiritual growth and evolution.

Now I'll go to sleep. Good Night!

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