October 5, 2011


If It Weren't For Steve Jobs .... Life Would Be Very Different!

Though we knew that it was coming - and though we know that no one ever gets out of this life alive, like so many other people around the world, I'm feeling sad tonight. The man who made this Clueless Mom excited about using a computer, and whose vision changed so much around the world, has moved on.

If it weren't for Steve Jobs, this mom would probably never even be using a computer. Even with the urging of my first born son, I would still probably be living in the dark ages.

My first computer was a Mac. Because Apple products are so easy to use, even someone like me got excited about learning more. The amazing advances in how we communicate with one another has been purely astounding! Now the AMAZING seems commonplace. Now we send e-mail, we blog, we text one another in an instant, and we are used to getting instant information with a few keystrokes - so to say.

This mom is writing this tribute on my iPad. My iPhone keeps me tuned into the world, Maybe I would be getting more done these days if if weren't for Steve Jobs, but I don't think I would know half of what I know or be having quite as much fun.

So Thank You For Living, Steve Jobs, Thank you for creating Apple. Your vision has changed the world and you will be missed.

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