November 13, 2010


If you are interested in other people, other ways, and other cultures, and want sometimes to take an unflinchingly look at who we are, what we do, and where we have been, take a look at the various programs broadcast on LinkTV.

I love this station. It's a one of a kind kind of station. It stands alone. It takes a look at things others don't. While watching LinkTV, the viewer usually has to actually pay attention. Things are not always in English and if you are scattered, and like me, often trying to do two things or more at the same time, it is easy to miss the whole point of the program.

This publicly funded Channel needs our support. Tonight's programing was absolutely excellent. I especially liked Breaking The Silence, Beating The Drum. The video below is good, but to watch the whole program, you have to link here.

Oh, and by the way, Listen to this from The Oyster Band UK

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