November 5, 2010

Phil Griffin, Will You Disclose Your Political Donations?

Letter to the Head of MSNBC


I have no idea why you have a rule that your newscasters cannot privately donate to a political campaign, but you must have a reason. However, I do know that Keith Olbermann is an American Citizen and should have a right to privately support any legitimate candidate for office in the US.

I know that MSNBC is part of the Corporate Media whose main mission is to make money. Nevertheless, I had hoped that you might have realized that there is a very large segment of the population that tunes in your channel simply because every other media company is biased toward the right wing.

I guess it is true that now all of our airways has been bought and paid for by the Multinational Corporations who have only one goal in mind. To insure their profits by controlling what we see and hear.

Is it any wonder that our President has such a hard time getting his message across? It is not due to his failure to provide leadership. It is because he has no way to control the greed of Corporations that own our country.

Shame on you, Mr Griffin.

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