November 1, 2010

One Way to Depress the Vote is to Convince the Electorate that It's All Been Decided. Don’t believe it. It’s has Not.

Have you noticed how all the prognosticators are predicting that the thing is already lost for the Democrats? Who pays the wages of the people who are spreading this news? Yes, you guessed it, it is the for profit media. Are we going to let them do it? I hope not.

That is the reason I decided last night that even at this late date, I could volunteer to do something. That is why if you had been looking for me today, you would have found me down at the Democratic Headquarters in Torrance making calls to get out the vote. I spoke to hundreds of people this afternoon and evening and it doesn’t sound so grim to me.

True, today we were only calling Democrats and Decline to State voters. And, on the day before the election, with the exception of two people, everyone I spoke to had either voted Democratic by mail or were going to vote Democratic tomorrow at the polls.

Tonight, a whole contingent of young people from San Pedro High came down to make calls with me.

No doubt, these students were probably getting some kind of school credit for their volunteer efforts and I have no doubt that some of their fellow students were busy working on calling for the other side.

Nevertheless, the kids I met tonight seemed to be there because they really cared about what would happen in this election, and wanted to be part of the process. Though most of these student were not yet of an age that made them eligible to vote, they were willing and more than able to get the message across. I was impressed.

I hope they come back tomorrow. I hope they keep their enthusiasm, and continue to be involved. If they do, and if we’re lucky, we don’t have to worry about the next generation. There really are some amazing youngsters who still have faith in this country, and they will soon be adults. If these young people continue to actively work to pursue their commitment to their ideals, we will be in good hands.

Yes, I will go back tomorrow to make more calls. How I wished that I had done more before. Maybe, just maybe, despite all the predictions, we will prevail. I can just hear my grandmother saying; “From your lips to God’s ears.” And; “God Willing!” Keep your fingers crossed.

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