October 27, 2010

It isn't so easy to blog every day unless there's some passion.

You need to have passion to blog. If you have something to say, and if you want what you write to mean something to somebody else, your words should be well crafted.

This isn't easy to do - and I have no illusions about my meager ability. Writing takes time. Good writing takes time and thought and talent. A stupid vow to post something every day isn't a good enough reason to write crap.

That said, this blogger is aware that she certainly has written her share of crap over the years, and then still went ahead and posted it on this site. I haven't been at all sure that anything I've written lately is worth the time or effort it took to write it.

That is why a conversation I had with my niece this evening meant so much to me. After visiting with her mother on the phone, I asked if Mary was at home. Mary came on the line and after we talked a while, I learned that she had been taking the time to read everything I have written of late - and not only that, she told me that my posts had meant something to her.

I laughingly told her that I thought that she most probably is my last and only loyal reader. Mary’s words were kind and affirming. Her comments were thoughtful and expressed in a most beautiful way. Mary's kindness touched me tonight. Her encouragement will keep me going for a while longer. So I guess I'm not quite ready to give it up after all. Tonight, I am prepared to keep my vow for the present. At least one more day.

Posted by Judi at October 27, 2010 9:39 PM | TrackBack

Yeah!!! I'll take one more day! I just miss you and this is my way of keeping in touch with people in my life who are so very vital and who's memory brings me joy. Despite the distance, I know that you are living life in every sense possible even if bad health issues lurk...
Our talk last night was very important to me, too, thank you so much for sharing your life with me.
Remember, I am in you and you are in me.

Posted by: Mary at October 28, 2010 5:09 PM

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