October 15, 2010

What Hate Causes

The video below is what got my dander up last night. Bigotry, intolerance and harassment of some young teens made life so intolerable that they sought death.

The people responsible for these tragedies are not so much the kids who did the harassment but the adults who led them to believe that gay fellow citizens are fair game. These tragedies must be laid in the lap of the religious bigots who preach hate from the pulpit and the adults who pass the bigoted sentiments and hate speech on. The situation is worsened when right wing politicos use the issue to win elections and power for themselves.

It is exactly these self righteous people who are responsible for the personal nightmares that result from their actions. The rest of us are not guiltless. The responsibility rests with all of us who do not speak up when we are confronted with this kind of talk in order not to make a scene in public and private places. It is time for all of us to take a good look at ourselves and ask why we did not stand forward against this kind of hate every time we are confronted with this sort of evil.

Haters need to be called out. We can not sit quietly and be complicit with the crime. Not any more.

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