January 29, 2009

Dealing with Doubt

"Doubts demand from us a real skillfulness in dealing with them, and I notice how few people have any idea how to pursue doubts or to use them. It seems ironic that in a civilization that so worships the power of deflation and doubt, hardly anyone has the courage to deflate the claims of doubt itself—to do as one Hindu master said: 'turn the dogs of doubt on doubt itself, to unmask cynicism, and to uncover what fear, despair, hopelessness, and tired conditioning it springs from'. Then doubt would no longer be an obstacle, but a door to realization, and whenever doubt appeared in the mind, a seeker would welcome it as a means of going deeper into the truth."

-Sogyal Rinpoche; from Glimpse of the Day.

Most of us struggle with doubt from time to time.
i like what Voltaire had to say about the subject.

“Doubt is uncomfortable, certainty is ridiculous."

And a good rule to live by most of the time is:
“When in doubt, don't.”
-Benjamin Franklin

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