January 11, 2009


I used to wonder
about people who seemed
so certain that their view
of the world was true
and believed they were completely right
and so sure their beliefs were indisputable.

I wondered how they could be
so sure of themselves
when it seemed to me that
there were always so many questions
and so many possibilities.

How could they ignore
all the many shades of gray
and white and black.
How unclear it always seemed to me
with all the ifs
and buts and yets.

How does one ignore all the many mysteries,
so many possible answers to the same question,
so many other ways to see the world?

What do I really know to be true?
What do I believe?
What is truth?
What is certain?
Life. death. Pain. Loneliness. Unity. Change.

There is no life. there is no death. there is no thing.

The question is: Is there an unchanging changer?

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