October 22, 2008

My Kind of People.

After dinner this evening, Pete and I stopped by the Democratic headquarters to see if we could get an Obama/Biden yard sign. They were all out of the signs, but the place was buzzing with activity.

All the time we were there, a continuous flow of people walked in the door to make calls for the campaign. The energy of the place was amazing. The commitment of our fellow citizens was commendable.

We'd only stopped by to pick up a couple of items and we were there only a few minutes, but those were spent chatting with a couple of the volunteers. The second woman I met had come in to hold a writing workshop. Tonight's class was designed to teach people how to write letters to the the editors of local newspapers.

In the few minutes we talked, she told me that she wanted to volunteer her time because she liked Obama's uplifting message and world view. I guess that's what has drawn a good many of of his supporters. I can't wait till we take back our country and boldly step forward into the future.

As we walked back to our car, I felt even more hopeful. It was refreshing to spend even a little bit of time with like-minded people. My kind of people. Dare I say it? ...Liberal People. Like me.

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