October 10, 2008

The Evil Republican Rhetoric

The Rhetoric of the McCain and Palin campaigns has now gone beyond the pale. The hate filled speeches and racist innuendo of these candidates is now getting deadly dangerous.

I have watched in horror as the Republicans pepper their language with words used expressly to conger up images of Obama as someone to fear. This kind of speech is not only irresponsible; it is downright evil. And if any violence breaks out, the Dishonorable Duo of Palin and McCain should be held directly responsible.

This is why I hate the excesses of religious right. These people are so sure of their righteousness that they turn away from any sense of decency. These people are so sure of themselves that they close their minds and hearts to any reason. Are they really so blind that they cannot even contemplate what may result from their words of division?

What they say here and what they do here will not go unnoticed. When one starts down this dishonorable path of deception and defamation, they loose all credibility at the very least. But unfortunately it goes much further than that. They give birth to monsters.

During their stump speeches they continually ask the question; Who is Barack Obama? All the while hoping that some of the mud they are slinging will stick and burn. They are speaking to their base and their base is being told it is OK to slander their opponents in the name of winning.

Unfortunately it will not stop at a point of reflection and evaluation. This kind of speech only has one probable outcome, and it is to justify battle.

When people of power unleash the kind of irresponsible speech that McCain and Palin have of late, they are doing great harm. They are calling to the very worst part of our psyches.

Words have power. When you unleash this kind of hatred, you lose the power to control it. It is out there. The law of karma in inescapable. If one fuels the fire of hatred, one can be sure that it will return to burn the person who put it out there.

And by the way, I am happy to answer the question they raise. "Who exactly is Barack Obama?"

Barack Obama is an honorable American man who keeps his head when those around him are loosing theirs. He is a good man, a thoughtful man, a kind and gifted man, and he is also a loving family man. Barark Obama possesses intelligence, humility and vision. He engenders great hope and a belief that no matter how large the problems in front of us loom, we have what it takes to solve them.

We are facing great challenges in this world and we need a good man to lead the way to a better future. But as he has told us before; "We are the people that we have been waiting for". Barack is the man and the leader that is right for our country at this perilous time. So let us do our part, let us look to our better selves. Let's rise above the hatred and stand firm in our truth. We are better than this.

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