September 29, 2008


So, as I understand it, the Republicans lost the numbers to pass the mammoth bailout bill because Senator Pelosi hurt their feelings. What a stupid reason! Grow Up!

Those ninnies in the GOP need to learn to use their big words and clearly articulate their real reasons for their actions. The default Republican plan for everything is: When all else fails, blame the Democrats!

None of us are happy about the state of our economy. The fact that there was no oversight and regulation of the market and the banking industry lies squarely in the lap of the Republicans. Starting with their hero, the master deregulator, Ronald Reagan, and his Neo-Con Disciples, all controls went out the window.

It is time for the Republicans to own their mistakes and bad judgment. It is past time for the American People to start paying attention and learn a bit about how our government works.

Don’t let the Republicans fool you with their rhetoric about the “Democrat Controlled Congress”. A simple majority of any party does not necessarily give that party much power. The Democrats need a bigger majority to override a filibuster and a majority of two thirds to override a presidential veto. It’s past time to increase our numbers in the House and the Senate. It is time to take back our government.

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