September 11, 2008

Shame on McCain! No Longer a Hero....

Dear Senator McCain,

I am distressed by the dishonorable way you are allowing your campaign for the presidency to move forward. The blatant bigotry used by your surrogates to alarm the voter is disgraceful. How can you live with yourself?

The very people you used to call the “agents of intolerance” are seemingly now your best friends. The fear your campaign is trying to drum up with the underling messages of your TV ads is despicable. Shame on you for using the usual “code words” to link your opponent with the biblical prophesies of the end days! Have you lost any sense of decency? Or did you simply sell your soul to the devil to realize your blind ambition?

My husband and I used to think you were an honorable man, but it is clear to us now that that you have lost any integrity you once had. We are very disappointed to see the lengths you have gone to win this election. The way your campaign is being conducted (with your approval) is thoroughly ignominious.

Though we never thought of you as a liar and hypocrite before, we now see that you cannot be trusted with the highest office of the land, and we fear for our country if your ambition is realized.

While I doubt that you will ever be allowed to see this message, or it would cause you a moment of concern, I needed to write it.

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