August 10, 2008

Beware. It isn’t about what you think.

The McCain ad about Obama’s celebrity wasn’t really made simply to minimize the Democrat’s stature as a serious candidate for the presidency. The ad has a double message and is really aimed at the religious right. This ad is using code words meant to build on, and invoke, fear of Obama as a one-world leader.

The real thing the rest of us need to pay attention to; and to be frightened of; is the Fundamentalist movement in this country. The Christian Right in the U.S. are still bound and determined to transmute this country into a theocratic state based on their interpretation of the Bible.

These are the same people who are hard at work at rewriting our history, and fighting any science program that isn’t does not stick to the Creationist Ideology. With the increase of home-schooling and religious schools, a large number of our children are not exposed to anything else.

The Republican machine in this country is still working at full speed in the same old way. They are still diverting attention away from the real issues at hand. They are still using fear as their main tool in the fight for power. The media and the rest of us are generally missing the point.

So once again, we are being used and manipulated into letting down our guard. I don’t know how to fight this pernicious attack on our freedoms. It is hard to argue with people who believe they are God’s Warriors. Religious fanatics generally are not swayed by reason or logic. Or even with real evidence demonstrated in a lab.

This will be the real political battle of the century. And those of us who recognize the issue had better be armed with the tools we need to fight.

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