January 24, 2008


This morning, I've been listening to KPCC, an NPR radio station here in LA. It sounds as though they are trying out a new host, Tom Fudge, but maybe the guy speaking is just a one time guest.

The topic of the discussion is 'Primary Concerns'. Listeners are calling into the talk show to state who they plan to vote for in the upcoming primary election and why.

One caller stated the name of candidate he was backing then he stated the reason why he's not going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Anyone out there able to top this?

This fellow's reasoning goes like this.... If Hillary would have divorced her husband, he would have been impeached and removed from office. If this had happened we would have been left with Al Gore as our President, and the US would have moved into a completely different direction.

If Al Gore had been President, we would not be in a war, and we would already be making great strides in the process to save and protect our environment.

Where is that time machine when we need it?

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