January 20, 2008

Today was a Doo Dah day!

The Wacky and Wonderful Occasional Parade took place today in Old Pasadena and we were there!

When we arrived, a nice man named Tim agreed to share his table at a sidewalk cafe along the parade route. This fellow appeared to be live blogging or maybe it was podcasting on his iphone throughout the whole thing.

Actually, he showed me what he was doing, and I'd even heard of some of the podcasters he was talking with. I learned that Tim was a writer, director and producer, but since that is not an unusual occupation here in the entertainment capital of the world, I wasn't too impressed. There are a lot of writers, directors, producers, and of course, actors trying to make it in this town.

At some point, Tim told me that he had been one of the speakers at the Apple Macworld show last week. Now that information left a bit more of an impression. Enough so, that it rated a quick lookup when we got home. As it turns out, the nice man who shared his table with us is famous enough to rate his own wikipedia entry.

Sun, blue skies, friendly people, and silly parades in January. Isn't LA grand? :-)

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