June 12, 2007

Giving My Son Credit

Last Saturday, while Mike was here, he did some readjustment to our newly installed high definition TVs and tweaked the connection to DirectTV. I was complaining about the picture distortion.

Well, the picture is no longer distorted and the TVs are now making their regular scheduled call to the satellite for updates. We now also have a TIVO downstairs. This is great!

The only problem is that now his mom is in real danger of becoming a total couch potato because this has opened up another whole new world of Television to me. So far the neatest station I've found is HDNet.

This station not only has Dan Rather Reports, but old Star Trek Enterprise and Joan of Arcadia episodes, plus all sorts of other good stuff. I love Dan Rather and now I can once again go where no man has gone before.

A little while ago I watched (or more properly listened to) a very interesting program about the controversy which threatens to split the Episcopal Church. And right now HDNet is broadcasting a wonderful historical piece about Mesopotamia ... including beautiful archeological finds of the ancient city of Ur.

There is a gorgeous cobalt blue building showing many representations of lions. The ancients worshiped the Great Mother Goddess Ishtar who appeared to them in the incarnation of a lion.

This jogged a memory of my studies all those years ago as a student at UCLA. This also gives us an idea about the significance of the image I described in my post Mail From Iraq.

The lion cradling the man who appeared to be sacrificing himself seems much clearer. And the meaning now certainly seems evident. The man is surrendering himself to his Goddess, Ishtar. Ishtar, appearing as the lion, holds him in a gentle and loving embrace. His offering is accepted.

Now, before any of my fundamentalist friends out there start to rant. This image of God is only symbolic. Ishtar is not cruel or diabolical. We humans are limited in our understanding of the Divine. But in every path, there comes a point where the believer is asked to give up his will and simply accept and surrender.

Oh, and by the way, Mike ...THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN. If we have any TV problems in the future, I will not call the Direct TV guy, Mir, your Dad, or any other very talented and smart men I know. I will call my son. The one who is in the business of Television! I promise. Well, if you are not busy that is…. :-)

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