February 20, 2007

Today in the news...

In between the promos for yet one more story about Anna Nicole Smith or Brittany Spears, there is other news.

Our esteemed Governor, The Arnold, is doing his best to relieve our overcrowded prisons by shipping an increasing number of California inmates to private prisons in other States.

The Prison Industry presents a real growth opportunity for investors. This multi-faceted industry is expanding its profit margin steadily.

The industry benefits from a burgeoning population of citizens who have been convicted of committing crimes or have broken parole regulations.

It's yearly growth has been supplemented by incarcerating an increasing number of detainees accused of being enemy combatants, as well as a large number of undocumented aliens caught after illegally crossing or attempting to cross our borders in order to infiltrate the US by snatching up the lowest paying and the least desirable jobs in our country.

One of the Wonders of Capitalism Run Wild.
Ready to buy some stock?

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