March 17, 2006


Yesterday I went to the dentist. While the hygienist was doing her work, she told me that she was superstitious. We started talking about luck. I contributed to the conversation at those rare moments when she took her hands out of my mouth.

The hygienist told me that she is careful to act nonchalant when she is winning any game for fear that the win will be taken away from her. She and her husband both have lucky objects. I couldn't help but laugh and nod.

I told the hygienist that I was lucky. I believe I am. I don't know when exactly I started thinking I was lucky, but I think that it was sometime around the time I started to focus on gratitude.

Our language is filled with phrases to ward off evil spirits. Most of us have some sort of ritual to insure luck even if our rational minds reject the hypothesis. Many carry objects to insure good luck.

My study of folklore in college made me start paying attention to all the old myths that filled the culture of modern folk today. I started to notice how often we all participate, even when we think the idea is ridiculous.

Dieter commented on luck today and posted a lovely picture of shamrocks.

I am lucky because I think I am lucky. I think, therefore I am. Bet you are lucky too. :-)

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