March 15, 2006

Mom's Blog is working again.

It is amazing what happens when I cannot blog. For more than a week my blog was broken. I felt as if someone had cut off my voice ... and I pretty much stayed away from my computer. I kept wondering whether Bush and Company had decided to go after desenting grandmothers.

I'm sure the men in my family were thinking; "There she goes again!"

But then, they weren't aware of the McCarthy Era as I was. I doubt that my dear husband's family was up in arms about what was happening in the Land Of The Free as mine were.

Most of the time I feel that it was a blessing that I was raised in a family that paid attention to what was happening here and around the world. But sometimes I wish I wasn't so aware. It is easy to let my mind run away with me.

It is at these times that I have to take the time to focus on what is real. Everything that changes is not real. Only one thing is real. And it is not a thing.

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