November 14, 2005


Lately, I've been attempting to catch up on my long overdue correspondence. You know the kind. Thank you notes - Birthday cards - Get Well Cards....

I pulled out a card I had purchased for a friend who's been ill. On the front of this card, there is a small abstract drawing of a flying angel. Above the picture were these words; "Hang in there. A little angel told me"... Inside the card are the words; "Your rainbow is on its way." Then there was a drawing of a rainbow.

Until I started to add my personal note, it hadn't registered on my brain that the drawing of the rainbow was in shades of gray. A GRAY RAINBOW?

After a moment's consideration, I concluded that sending a rainbow with no color didn't seem very uplifting. So, I decided to add the color.

I must tell you that I can barely draw a stick man. And, the only thing I know how to paint is a wall. Nevertheless, I was determined to send the get well card out with the morning's mail.

That's when I remembered a gift that Matt had sent me a few years ago. It is a child's book on painting which included poster paints and a big fat paintbrush. That's another story.

I got everything ready to begin my art project. At this point, I remembered that I had once heard that there was a consistent order to the colors in every rainbow, but for the life of me, could not remember what they were.

No problem, I thought, "I will just do a Google search." After about 45 minutes, I gave up and called My Source.

Mike was eating his dinner, so I asked him to call me back and why. Mike said; "ROYGBIV". I asked; "ROYGBIV?" He explained, and said he would call me later.

I just finished adding the color to the card. My friend is an elementary school teacher. I am sure that any one of her students could have done a better job! But, at least I tried. The card goes out in the morning. At least it may give her a smile. :-)

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