October 19, 2005

Judi's Wishlist

My birthday is Tuesday, October 25, 2005.
On that date I will be ... EEK ... 65!

Today I recieved a call from a friend in Hawaii. She asked me to send her the link showing her my wish list.

So for Bonnie ....
in no special order,
Here is my long list:

This is what I really, really want for my birthday.

A donation to any of the following:
(I don't have to know the amount.)

1. Heifer International
This organization helps people all around the world to become self reliant. You can help buy people animals that will bring income to families and villages. Give cows or honeybees. By donating even a small amount, you can join with others and buy a share.

2 Unicef.

3. Care.

4. Doctors without Borders. These people are fearless!

5. Save the Children.

6. Amnesty International

7. Second Harvest or the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. You can find a local food bank and just drop by some food.

OR you can...
Just wish me happy birthday
so that eight year old girl inside of me doesn't
act like a big baby about the whole thing. :-)

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