November 26, 2004


"So once in every year we throng upon a day apart, to praise the Lord with feast and song in thankfulness of heart."

--Arthur Guiterman

This is what I found
after everyone left on Thanksgiving Night:

How lucky am I!

ONE ... In The Kitchen
LOTS of leftover food, even after everyone
took what they wanted for tomorrow.
Nothing will go to waste.
In fact, I am hungry again right now.

TWO ... In The Guest Room
The guest bed was still tranformed into the Mayflower.
Mira had shown me her creation earlier in the evening.
I pointed out Mira's work to her mother.

Before they left, Michele cleaned up the toys
and put everything back in place,
except the bed which was now a ship. :-)

Kind of fun to find!

THREE ... On The Kitchen Counter
A bride made out of a wine cork,
beer bottle top, tissue or t-paper,
tooth picks and a black pen.
Pretty ingenious!

The 'veil' was secured to the wine cork by the bottle cap.
A face was drawn on the cork with a sharpie marker.
A tooth pick was pushed into the bottom of the cork.

The 'bride' is now stuck in a small vase,
and adorns my kitchen window seal.

I don't know who is responsible
for this piece of art,
but it might explain the following:

FOUR ... In Two Rooms
Small pieces of tissue or t-paper on the floor
of the guest room and our bedroom.
I suspect the work of one of our little artists.

FIVE ... In The Dining Room
A few food spots on the dining room rug.
This was to be expected.
We can clean it tomorrow. :-)

SIX ... Somewhere
Someone's cute little camera.
I hope they took pictures of my table.
I think I outdid myself this year.

Can't wait till I see what will be found tomorrow.
Well, That's it for Thanksgiving Day 2004.

Posted by Judi at November 26, 2004 12:54 AM | TrackBack

what lovely discoveries! i'm so glad you got to have your own treasure hunt this morning.

i thought of you often yesterday. we always loved coming to your house and enjoying your family as though they were our own. you are a big part of my thanksgiving memories.

we hosted at our house this year. martin's brother & family as well as martin's mother joined us. i prepared a lovely meal but have decided it's not worth the hype.

care to join us for our thanksgiving chili cook-off next year?

Posted by: mrs diggs at November 26, 2004 11:34 AM
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