November 22, 2004


I am cleaning up my desktop so it won't look so cluttered. I wrote the following earlier this year when Pete was in Sri Lanka or Ghana.

I liked what I wrote, so I am posting it now.
even though it is now November.
Our ant problem is currently not a big problem,
but still we find scouts in the oddest places.
And, Thankgiving is just a few days away.
I'm on the alert.

Written sometime last summer:
Sorry if I posted it before.

Ant Invasion…

They're back! I keep finding scout ants in the oddest places. As soon as one is spotted, I help it on to its next incarnation, but they keep coming. I can never discover from where they come.

This afternoon, I noticed a black spot on the family room window ceil. Earlier in the week, I had cleaned that window, so wondered how it got dirty. With rag in hand, I went to wipe it off. Then I noticed the spot was moving! Looking closer, I discovered the spot (about the size of a nickel) was actually a pile of ants. Ugh.

They seemed to be feasting on some kind of insect. So, now armed with a small spray bottle of Basic H and some paper towels, I launched my attack.

Afterward I tried to trace from whence they came. No luck. There was no trail. I looked outside to see if I could discover a source. Again … No luck! They must be in the walls.

I have formulated a theory. When we bagged out house, the gas killed off the termites…
The ants now have a food source that will last for years.

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