November 3, 2004



"Today is the first day of the rest of the mess."
-Rescued from Spam comment:

The fact is I have long since recovered from a place of fear, anger or sadness. These emotions have been replaced by Determination! I am determined to move forward. Using my voice and my energies to work toward change. I may take a break to just breathe and recover for a while.

However, now at my age,
I am finally beginning to recognize my true potential.
I refuse to sit still and allow the hatred
to become a staple of our consciousness.

I will pray for those who opposed us.
I will send my energy to whoever is in need of strength.
Because in reality, I truly believe that we are One.
That what happens to the least of us,
affects us all.
We cannot be separated,
even though we may believe that we are separate.

I may have lost some friendships
due to our differing opinions.
However, even these people
will always remain in my heart.

There are times during the last few days
when I became over-loaded,
over-extended and overwhelmed.

But in those moments, some giants stepped forward
to lend me their strength.

There were times in which I completely lost it
and must have appeared unstable.
But always, there was Someone
who helped me come home.

At these times, some great souls stepped in
and were just there.
....For me to lean on,
until I again recovered my strength.

Today, I am ready to face what ever life hands us.
I am stronger, I am wiser. I am who I am.
And that is really something.

I don't care if there are people who don't like me.
I don't care if anyone thinks I am a tool of the devil.
I don't care if some guys think I am too pushy.

I think I made a difference,
not just in the vote count here.
But, in every aspect that is really important.
I have learned. I have grown. I've been changed.

I have felt the love and touch of Angels.
Beautiful souls, living ordinary lives,
who are in touch with the Divine.

I am grateful.

And, I am sorry if these words
may be interpreted by some,
as anything they are not.

I don't care if you think
this is just a big ego that's bragging,
or a deluded, unbalanced old woman.
You might not like my personality
or my sense of values.

But, in this moment,
I am at peace.

I know that I must not give power to appearances.
I know that The Great God is with me.
I know that in reality, We Are One.

It is time now to stem the hatred.
This is the time for strength and resolve.
To continue the work.

We can expect that on this journey,
we will face disappointment, resistance,
and unpleasant feedback.
We may expect that we will find moments of despair.
We will falter and fall down.

But the human spirit can not be conquered.
Because in reality, we are all spiritual beings.
Made of the same stuff.
We can become spiritual warriors.

There is only One Power!
There could be no other power that could rival
the eternal, immortal, all-powerful force of God.

There is no duality.
Just One!

Posted by Judi at November 3, 2004 9:02 AM | TrackBack

see! i knew you would make me feel better!

Posted by: mary at November 3, 2004 10:37 AM

Well said and very true as well ...

Posted by: orangeguru at November 3, 2004 1:59 PM

I was worried about you, but now you uplifted me. I know in my heart that you speak the Truth! We must hold them all in the highest Light!

Posted by: Glorianne at November 3, 2004 7:24 PM
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