October 28, 2004

Yes. You asked. Yes!

I danced on my birthday.
On a stage.
In front of an audience.

I danced on my birthday
with complete abandon.
Lost in the ancient rhythm
and moving with the beat.

There I was at age sixty-four
moving again like a girl.
Well, maybe not exactly,
but pretty good for a woman
in a long skirt and Birkenstocks
fused ankle and all.

Not a concern about what I looked like
or a care about what anyone thought.

I am only now beginning to realize my true potential.

My voice is effective.
I'm involved with my fellow man.
This is not mere bragging
I am who I am.

The world is smiling at me.
Love is flowing into me.

If you do not understand this
then maybe you have yet to feel your joy.

Love is ever flowing.
I know that your time will come.
It's there for you too.

Once in a while,
the veils fall from our eyes.
our vision is cleared.
And, then we really see.

Thank You, Beloved Mother,
for always being with me.

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