October 19, 2004


"To whom much is given, much will be expected."
-Luke 12:48

My birthday is next Monday, October 25, 2004.
I will be sixty four years old on that date.

If you want to get me something...
This is what I really, really want for my birthday.
You don't have to but...
Here's my long list.

If you are a person like me,
who likes to have something tangible to wrap,
write a note telling me what you have done,
put the note in a box.
Wrap the box in shiny paper & pop on a bow.
I would be delighted. :-)

My list in no special order:

A donation to any of the following:
(I don't have to know the amount.)

1. Heifer International
This organization helps people all around the world to become self reliant. You can help buy people animals that will bring income to families and villages. Give cows or honeybees. By donating even a small amount, you can join with others and buy a share.

2 Unicef.

3. Care.

4. Doctors without Borders. These people are fearless!

5. Save the Children.

6. Amnesty International

7. Second Harvest or the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. You can find a local food bank and just drop by some food.

8. Support local public radio and television stations anywhere.

Here's the LA list, starting with TV:



Link TV
We get this channel on DirecTV. i don't know where else it is available or where it comes from.




Pacifica offers stuff that no one else does.
And I listen once in a while,
even though they are sometimes kinda out there!

Strictly Music:



You can just look around my site and see some of the other organizations I support.

Teach me how to do any one of the following things:

1. Post photos or pictures on my web site.

2. How to edit the buttons. I would like to finally get something in the Mom Who? and the Just Breathe sections.

3. How to add blogs to my links section for people I know.

4. Add some more buttons for other links and places I regularly visit.

5. How to change the name of a button.

Give me some simple written directions that even I could follow. Visual aids are helpful.

Any of these gifts would make this Mom VERY HAPPY.

OR you can...
Just wish me happy birthday
so that eight year old girl inside of me doesn't
act like a big baby about the whole thing. :-)

Posted by Judi at October 19, 2004 6:31 PM | TrackBack

Happy Birthday Matt's Mommy!!!!

(anything you can do to get the little turd head to start CrookDimwit back up? ;) )

Posted by: scully at October 27, 2004 8:15 AM

Thank you so much for the good wishes.

I don't think I would have any influence on Matt's decision.

Right now, I know he is doing very important work.

But, I can tell you this: Matt has assured me that he is not saying "never" to bringing Crookdimwit back one day.

I miss him too!

Posted by: Matt's Mommy at October 27, 2004 10:50 PM

Oh yes, and Scully, don't call my sweet son bad names! ;-/

Seriously, thanks again for writing. My birthday was fabulous.

Posted by: Matt's Mommy at October 27, 2004 10:52 PM
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